About Debra

Just a couple of short years ago, I started making little minions out of store bought Twinkies! That was my first experience with trying to create a dessert that was not a typical made-with-a-box mix, although those certainly work in a pinch! After my family gushed over how incredibly cute my Twinkie minions were, I felt excited and started challenging myself and began designing more difficult desserts, with more creative decorations and a wider list of ingredients. I would post my creations on Facebook and bring my desserts to work to share. I received a lot of praise and encouragement. I kept getting told that I should "start my own business", but I just wanted to bake for fun! I continued to practice and hone my baking skills, experimenting with unique flavor combinations and using fresh fruits and herbs in my baking.

Fast forward to January 2017. I finally took the advice of my family, friends, and co-workers - I started my own home bakery business. It has been so exciting to build this from the ground up and cannot wait to see where I can go! I am elated that I can continue baking, challenging myself, and sharing my desserts and treats throughout the El Paso area. Baking and creating beautiful desserts is something I am very passionate about and look forward to sharing my creations with you.

If you find yourself in need of creative cupcakes for any upcoming occasion and hate to bake, or, as in a lot of cases, do not have time to bake, Cupcakeology is your blessing in disguise! I invite you to contact me so we can get started!

Debra Hanna Cupcakes