Cowboy’s Fans!

Debra HannaUncategorized

Good afternoon and Happy Monday!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

So I was asked to do a birthday cake for one of our co-worker’s who is huuuuuuuuuge Dallas Cowboy’s fan.  She is a true fan and loves them whether they are winning or losing.  So of course my boss asked that I do something in a Dallas Cowboys theme.  I picked a triple layer chocolate with a chocolate buttercream.   Here’s the cake…

We had the cake here at work after lunch and she really loved the Cowboy’s theme!  She was happy!  But what’s really funny is that she is such a fan, she didn’t even really want to cut the cake at all.  Of course, she had to because there were about 15 of us wanting a piece after singing an off key version of Happy Birthday to her.  So Lori started cutting the cake and serving piece by piece.  What she ended up doing is classic and had us all laughing…..

She couldn’t cut through the name!  I guess if you didn’t get the last part of the Star, you were out of luck!  Lori ended up taking the rest of the cake home.  Not sure if she shared with her family or if the Cowboys part of the cake is sitting wrapped in her freezer like the top part of a wedding cake to be thawed out and eaten in a year!