Harry Potter!

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First, let me say that I remember when I first got my website going, I insisted on having a blogging section because I was going to blog, blog, blog, every day.  Not so easy.  I have tons of stuff I’d like to blog about, but there never seems to be enough time.  So for now, I’m going to use this section to post pictures of stuff I do that you can’t really put in my store since each custom cake is uniquely different in theme, size, price, etc.

So here’s a custom cake I did recently.  The theme obviously was Harry Potter.  I have never, ever in my life seen any Harry Potter movie or read any Harry Potter Book.  This is actually the second time I’ve been asked to do Harry Potter themed desserts.  For this customer, they wanted cupcakes, too!

Chocolate cupcakes and a marble cake were the flavors requested for this order.  I thought these came out pretty cute.  When I delivered, the young boy who was celebrating his birthday actually gave me a little hug.  It was so cute.  He seemed happy!  Later on his mom told me he wasn’t a huge fan of the fondant (the top tier has fondant on it, bottom tier is all buttercream), but all in all, everyone was happy!