Shannon and Susan and the Untraditional Wedding Cake!

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This past Saturday, I attended the afternoon wedding ceremony for Shannon and Susan.  I went to high school with them (many, many years ago).  It was such a beautiful ceremony and gathering of friends and family.  It was casual, but still elegant.  Laid back, but still classy.  Just all around comfortable (the Bride and Groom wore Converse)!  Glen Garza a/k/a Double G from KLAQ, was the officiator.

Which brings me to the cake!  They asked me to do their wedding cake for them.  No real direction other than they didn’t want anything tiered or fancy.  In speaking with Susan, she even left the flavor choice to me.  It was clear they just wanted to be married.  They did tell me that their theme was “When Hell Freezes Over”.  I’m certain they have both said that phrase numerous times over the years.   So I started researching cakes with that theme.  A lot of the typical ones came up – the bottom of the cake in sugar flames with the top of the cake turning a cool blue with ice.  Then I found a picture of an IPhone with the “weather” setting on the display.  I sent them the idea and they loved it!  In the meantime, they also posted a picture of a statue they placed in their garden and it was a pig with wings.  They called it their Mascot.  So of course I had to add a little pig with wings to their cake.   This is what I came up with:

It was a lot of fun doing this cake and Shannon and Susan told me they loved it! Their wedding was truly one of the nicest I’ve been to, the food was wonderful, the backyard setting was gorgeous and the company was even better!  I’m so glad that me, Susan and Shannon have reunited through Facebook and have kept in touch!

Here’s to more celebrations!