VEGAN Desserts

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Hi everyone!

Happy Wednesday!  So I’ve been doing quite a few vegan desserts lately.  I am not vegan by any means, but do appreciate all diet preferences.  I’ve honestly got to say that my vegan cupcakes and desserts are soooooooooo very tasty.  You can’t even tell that they are vegan.  Recently, I decided to try making vegan baklava.  If you’re not familiar with baklava, it’s that deliciously phyllo dough layered, pecan-y, honey, butter drizzled deliciousness that is more popular around the holidays.  I made it vegan by using vegan butter and substituting the honey with blue agave and a touch of pure maple syrup.  The feedback has been 100% positive.  Here’s a picture:

My vegan cupcakes have been requested pretty frequently as well. Any form of chocolate has to be the favorite.  This is my vegan chocolate with pomegranate.  There is actual pomegranate juice in the batter .

This is a vegan vanilla pomegranate cupcake!

I look forward to converting more desserts into vegan ones!